Our Advantage

Collaboration with the global leader in digital storage

Since July 2014, 4DS has had a joint development agreement with HGST, the global leader in digital storage, that strategically invests in high growth and emerging technology segments and innovative product development.

HGST provides resources and expertise that accelerates the evolution of Interface Switching ReRAM with the goal of optimising 4DS memory technology for storage class memory.

Commercially significant progress

4DS has demonstrated Interface Switching ReRAM cells at a 40 nanometre geometry, representing significant progress in scalability and yield.

This 40nm geometry, demonstrated by 4DS, is smaller than the latest generation of 3D Flash - the most dominant non-volatile memory technology used in billions of mobile devices, cloud servers and data centres.

4DS will continue to focus on improvements of its core IP and manufacturing process optimisation to create the smallest cell geometries that can be reliably fabricated. 

Unique and breakthrough ReRAM

4DS' Metal Oxide Hetero Junction Operation (MOHJO™) technology is a non-volatile memory where the storage cell can have a high or low resistance. Information is stored in the resistance of the material which can be changed by an applied voltage with low currents.

The strength of 4DS’ proprietary technology and materials deposition process represents a breakthrough in Interface Switching ReRAM functionality.

Our filament-less switching mechanism positions 4DS as a promising alternative to NAND Flash with improved scalability, lower power consumption, higher speed and greater endurance.

With next generation technology which enables higher density memory to operate cooler, faster and longer, we are enabling a new era of gigabyte storage devices and cloud servers.

4DS is addressing the massive memory storage demands of tomorrow.

Wholly owned and patented IP

Developed in house through an US$12 million R&D program over the past decade, hetero junction non-filamentary switching is at the core of 4DS’ wholly owned MOHJO™ technology and materials deposition process.

4DS has an IP portfolio which includes 16 US patents covering the ReRAM cell structure and PCMO deposition.

We have an additional seven patent applications in various stages of review at the USPTO.