2007 to 2013

Core IP Patented

  • ReRAM building blocks in place
  • Proof of concept in affordable geometries - basic memory cell works well
  • Patented filament-less, Interface Switching ReRAM memory cell based on oxygen vacancies
  • Patented low-temperature deposition of essential memory material


Strategic Partnership Established

  • Joint Development Agreement established with leading storage company and Western Digital subsidiary, HGST
  • Allows both parties to investigate the viability of 4DS ReRAM cells scaling to high density for storage class memory
  • Accelerates the evolution of Interface Switching ReRAM
  • Enables 4DS to prove the value of its IP without incurring the expense of fully functional GB ReRAM prototypes


Scalable and Functional

ReRAM Cells Developed

  • Public Offer closes oversubscribed
  • A$2.75 million raised to fund technology enhancement and further testing
  • Developed functional cell and high yield lot-to-lot consistency for ReRAM cells smaller than 250nm
  • Significant progress for Interface Switching ReRAM development


Breakthrough Achieved

  • Demonstrated scalability, consistency and behaviour of memory cells with high yield at 40nm
  • 40nm is a breakthrough development at a scale smaller that existing 3D Flash memory cells (between 45nm to 50nm) 
  • JDA with HGST renewed in July 2016 taking the collaboration into its third year
  • A$4.0m Placement successfully completes, providing a runway for demonstration of commercial viability

Future Steps

Demonstrate Viability for Storage Class Memory

  • Meet the performance shares milestone criteria for measuring cycling endurance
  • Refine the fabrication process to further optimise scalability, endurance, retention and access speed
  • Prove the value of our technology and leverage the IP through strategic alliances