4DS Memory Limited (ASX: 4DS), with facilities located in Silicon Valley, is a semiconductor technology company bringing high bandwidth, high endurance, persistent non-volatile memory to advanced CMOS process nodes.

Its technology, known as Interface Switching ReRAM, features tunable persistence and low energy per bit for today’s most challenging compute intensive and AI processor applications. Established in 2007, 4DS owns a patented IP portfolio, comprising 34 USA patents, and is the first company to develop PCMO ReRAM, on an advanced CMOS processing node.

4DS has a development agreement with Belgium based imec – a world leading research and innovation hub in nano electronics and digital technologies, as well as a joint development agreement with Western Digital subsidiary HGST, a global leader in storage solutions.

Pioneering Technology

The Memory That Breathes©

4DS Memory’s technology is a type of Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM) where the 4DS cell is based on a different physical switching mechanism to other ReRAMs on the market, which gives us high speed, high endurance and tunable retention characteristics. (This is also called Area based Interface Switching.) These characteristics place 4DS in a unique application space, namely high bandwidth persistent memory for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

4DS: Memory for the AI Age

The New Age of AI Processing is built on decades of research into neuromorphic processing and Neural Net modelling. These models require huge amounts of data and are the result of billions of weighted matrix calculations. There is an explosion of new processor architectures in development to overcome the speed, energy and memory bottleneck challenges. The introduction of a new non-volatile memory with high speed and high density ‘would initiate a revolution in computer architecture’*.  4DS is potentially that memory, at the right time, for the most important market in the world. 

*Source: IEEE, The International Roadmap for Devices and Systems: 2022, “Beyond CMOS”, chapter 1.2.2

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4DS Australian Open Briefings Presentation

The recent presentation by 4DS executives, Mr David McAuliffe (Executive Chairman), Mr Ting Yen (Chief Technology Officer) and Mr Peter Himes (Strategic Advisor to the Board), underscores the company’s strategic repositioning as a potential premier memory solution perfectly poised to meet the demands of the current market landscape.

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