Company Overview

4DS Memory Limited (ASX: 4DS), with research & development facilities in Silicon Valley California, is pioneering non-volatile Interface Switching ReRAM for high-density high-volume Storage Class Memory.

Established in 2007, 4DS owns 33 US-granted patents and an additional 1 patent application pending for its in-house developed intellectual property.

In July 2014, 4DS entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) with HGST, a Western Digital subsidiary to optimize the 4DS Interface Switching ReRAM technology for Storage Class Memory. The JDA was recently renewed for the 9th consecutive year.

In November 2017, 4DS entered into a collaboration agreement with imec in Belgium to (a) develop a production-compatible process for the 300mm production tools that memory makers use to fabricate high-density high-volume memories, and (b) to use this production-compatible process and imec’s proven memory platform to build a 4DS megabit memory. This agreement was renewed until mid 2023.

4DS is well positioned to address the massive memory demands of tomorrow.