4DS Technology

4DS Technology

4DS is pioneering Interface Switching ReRAM, a unique area-based ReRAM technology best positioned for Storage Class Memory in mobile devices and cloud data centers.

The 4DS Interface Switching ReRAM technology already satisfies the essential Storage Class Memory requirements:

The 3 Most Significant Leaps Forward

In addition to many important milestones, the 3 steps that represent the most significant leap forward for 4DS are:

• In mid 2014, 4DS entered into a joint development agreement with HGST – renewed in mid 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 – which enabled the production of cells, essential for high-density and cost-effective memories. This collaboration continues to provide valuable insight in what is really important for future electronic systems.

• In mid 2017, 4DS pioneered an industry first for any ReRAM: a read speed comparable to DRAM without the need for speed-crippling error correction.

• In late 2017, entered into a collaboration agreement with imec to develop a production-compatible process and to demonstrate that the 4DS technology is a viable candidate for Storage Class Memory by developing a megabit memory test chip. This agreement was recently renewed until the end of 2022.